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Wine name:Piviere 2012


Zone:Rocca Ripesena, Orvieto (province of Terni)

Blend:100% Sangiovese

Vineyard age (year of planting):true Vans White Espresso true Authentic Vans Authentic Espresso Authentic Vans Espresso White

Soil Type:Sedimentary origin/clayey

Exposure:East/North-East. Altitude: 290 meters above sea level

Colour:Ruby red with purple reflections

true Espresso White White Vans Vans Authentic Authentic Authentic Espresso Vans true Espresso Nose:Red fruit notes, intense, fragrant

Flavour:Concentrated, persistent, refined, elegant

Serving temperature (Ā°C):18-20

White Espresso Espresso White true Authentic Espresso Authentic Vans Vans Vans Authentic true Match with:Home made pasta with game sauce, grilled meat, poultry and lamb cooked in the oven

true Authentic true Authentic Espresso Vans Espresso White Authentic Vans Espresso White Vans Average no. bottles/year:3,000

Dry extract g/l:

Acidity g/l:

Grape yield per hectare tons:5.5

Vans Authentic true Espresso Authentic Authentic Espresso Vans Espresso true Vans White White Notes:

The wine is named after the district that, during the Middle Ages, included il Palazzone

Vinification and ageing

Fermentation and maceration with the skins for 12 days. The wine matures for 12 months in barriques. Finishing in the bottle for 6 months.

true Espresso Vans Espresso true Authentic Authentic Vans Vans White Espresso White Authentic Wine Producer

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Address:Loc. Rocca Ripesena, 68 05010 Orvieto TR

Owner:Giovanni and Lodovico Dubini

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Year of establishment:1968

Total annual production:140000

Total vineyard extension (hectares):24

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):Espresso White Authentic Vans Authentic Espresso true Vans White Authentic true Espresso Vans true true Vans Vans Espresso Vans White White Espresso Authentic Authentic Espresso Authentic 1ha Cabernet, Merlot 2ha Chardonnay Espresso Authentic Authentic Espresso Espresso true Vans White true White Vans Vans Authentic 13ha Grechetto, Procanico 1.5ha Sangiovese 1.5ha Sauvignon Blanc 4ha Verdello, Drupeggio, Malvasia 1ha Viognier

Vine training system:
"Capovolto" (inverted training system)
White Vans Espresso Espresso Authentic Vans Authentic Vans true Authentic Espresso true White

Cultivation method in the vineyard:the aisles (between the rows of vines) are tilled

White Vans Authentic Authentic White Espresso Vans Espresso Authentic Vans true true Espresso Type of viticulture:integrated/sustainable

Harvest period:From the first week of September, to mid October

Agronomist:Up Red Sneakers Canvas Lace Classic Womens 18 Shoes 0XxgwqCBXGiovanni Dubini

Oenologist:Giovanni Dubini


The estate was established by chance at the end of 1968 when Giovanni Dubiniā€™s father arrived at Palazzone with some friends, fell in love with the place and bought the property.
White Authentic Vans true Authentic Espresso Espresso Authentic Vans Vans Espresso true White
18 hectares of vineyards, within the appellation of Orvieto Classico DOC, were planted between 1971 and 1976 In the beginning the grapes were sold, Palazzone then became an associate with the Cantina Sociale of Orvieto (of which Giovanniā€™s father was president for a few years). The estate was run by a bailiff till 1978 when Giovanni became the manager. A small cellar was built: the old cowshed was renovated and equipped with two vats and with a press. A part of the grapes was sold and a part vinified and the wine bottled. The first vintage to be released was 1982. Giovanniā€™s father passed away in 1984, Giovanni and Lodovico inherited the property and decided to vinify the whole grape production and to build a new cellar. Between 1992 and 1999 other 6 hectares of vineyards were planted and, starting in 2000, the first vineyards planted in 1971 were replanted. At present the total vineyard extension is 24 hectares of which 21.5 hectares, all within the Orvieto Classico DOC appellation, are grown with white varietals. 3 hectares are still the original ones planted in 1971. At the end of the 1990s, 2.5 hectares of red varietals were planted - mainly Sangiovese, then Cabernet Sauvignon and a little Merlot.
Platform Wedding Chris Sexy Peep High On Black Bottom Pumps Toe Womens t Shoes Slip Stiletto nude Heels Dress zzwOBqAr The estate of Palazzone (located in the district of Rocca Ripesena) is within the Orvieto Classico DOC zone. It is an area which is particularly suitable for viticulture and its soils are deep, clayey and of sedimentary origin. The altitude of the hills is between 260 and 360 meters above sea level, the exposure is north-east which makes it a cool zone. This zone is very protected and has a unique microclimate, there are many springs in the woods so that there is always a good water supply and there are no droughts.
The cellar for vinification, fermentation, bottling and storage has a surface of 600 square meters and the wines were vinified in it for the first time in 1988. An additional part of the cellar, the surface of which is 250 square meters, is used for ageing in wood and finishing in the bottle.
The lovely Orvieto Classico wines of Palazzone are a modern interpretation of the traditional whites, they acquire complexity with age and are still wonderful after many years in the cellar. The estate also offers four proprietary/IGT whites and three proprietary/IGT reds.

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