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Military Lace 47 Platform Booties Moda Chunky High Heel Black Ankle Top Polish Up polish Why Save the Western Snowy Plover?

Snowy Plovers: The Gift

47 polish Top High Military Lace Platform Ankle Heel Polish Moda Up Chunky Booties Black By Rosemary Flamion

In Venezuela the common name for our Snowy Plover is Frailecito or "Little Friar," as if these quiet birds wearing somber colors were sequestered in a monastery made of sand. Dark glittering eyes beneath a cowl of sandy brown have earned them this name.

Lace Up Black Heel Top polish Military 47 Ankle Chunky Platform Polish High Booties Moda These quiet, soft birds don't shout out for attention. These subtle shaded, almost ghostly birds sit and watch. They watch the tides and the foaming waves as they rush to shore. They feel the wind and its direction and turn accordingly. They watch for predatory black crows, who bother them immensely. They watch each other for companionship and fine chases. And they watch human activity.

Booties Military Ankle Platform Top Black High Up Chunky Heel 47 Lace Polish Moda polish They watch the people walk past. They watch dogs on leash and off leash as it doesn't make a bit of difference to them. Either way, dogs are predators. They watch horses walking past making little earthquakes but also making sand dimples in which to hide later.

Lace 47 Top Platform Up Booties polish Military Ankle Moda High Black Chunky Heel Polish When the wet sandy shore is cleared of human visitors, small watching groups of Snowy Plovers will fly down to rocky berms near the water. One courageous male will run forward to the wet sand. A few minutes later another will follow until half the group is running or walking down the beach feeding on tiny crustaceans in the surf line or near the mounds of kelp.

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Stand and observe the Snowy Plovers feeding. Sometimes they walk near a decaying pile of kelp and merely pick off flies. Other times, they lean forward and charge with open beak capturing as many flies as they can. They don't probe the sand for crustaceans but pick them off the surface. Plover feeding is called "run-pause-snatch" and it usually describes their routine.

Ankle Chunky Heel Polish polish Black High Top Up Moda Military Booties Lace Platform 47 Most humans walk past the symbolic fencing wondering where all the reported birds are to be found. Little do they know that the Snowy Plovers are just a few feet away by the driftwood, sitting still like a speckled rock, hiding in plain sight.

If the beach walker gets too close, these plovers will run fast to get back to their dry sandy area. If they feel thwarted or cornered, they might also take flight singly or in a tight group. Then they return to the area where they feel safe.

Lace polish Polish Black Military Moda Up Heel Ankle Chunky 47 Top High Platform Booties Other humans come from all over the United States and the world to view our Snowy Plovers in action year round. Birders know what hides in plain sight. Declining populations in most parts of the world have made them rare. A small patch of sand which contains upwards of 100 birds is very rare indeed.

Linnaeus named this small bird (Charadrius alexandrinus) in 1758 (Syst. Nat. 10(1):150) for its presence in Alexandria, Egypt. It has scattered distribution across the northern hemisphere in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. It frequents sandy beaches, coastal dunes, tidal mudflats, and salt ponds. Its worldwide population and nesting beaches have been diminishing as human activities are increasing and encroaching on its lifestyle.

The ancient common name "plover" (rhymes with "cover") actually comes from 14 th Century Old French "plovier" or rain bird. (Latin: Moda Polish Lace Black Platform polish High Top Heel Up 47 Booties Ankle Chunky Military Polish Military Ankle Chunky Top 47 Up Lace polish Platform High Moda Booties Heel Black pluviaMaddie Grey Ralph Pump Women's Lauren Z6a7B= rain). Perhaps plovers were seen on French sandy beaches during spring rains. The name carried to the British Isles where once this Kentish (Snowy) Plover nested on southern English beaches. Hundreds of pairs bred in Kent and Sussex 150 years ago, but regular breeding ceased about 1931. The regular nesting on the Channel Islands ceased in 1975. The last record of a nesting pair in Lincolnshire was in 1979. It no longer nests on beaches in England as human activities have encroached on its breeding habits. Now it is a passage migrant and a very rare visitor on Southern and Eastern coasts. Birders all over England flock to an area where a Kentish Plover has been reported. They are that precious and rare like a pale jewel on the beach.

Lace polish Ankle Moda Platform Chunky Military High Up Heel Black Top Booties 47 Polish The health of our sandy beaches and avian environment might be measured by the number of Snowy Plovers residing, nesting, rearing, and fledging young. Western Snowy Plovers will share the shore as long as they have small, protected nesting islands.

When our winter migrants have flown elsewhere to breed, the Snowy Plover is one of the species who remains on our summer beaches. They just don't feed and react to their environment, but they reproduce on our beaches. It is a pleasure to watch them from a distance. They are a gift.